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Golf Membership in Surrey

A recent golf club membership survey carried out my England Golf in 2016 revealed the following information;
"The average number of members per golf club has remained largely the same at 460 in 2016, compared to 466 in 2014.
In 2016, 30% of clubs saw an increase in membership, with these members, on average, playing more frequently. Not as many golfers are playing weekly, reflecting a combination of lifestyle pressures, but more golfers are playing at least monthly. While membership numbers have largely stayed the same, the number aged 65+ has increased by 13%. This may be a reflection of the good health of golfers, enabling them to play longer and stay members for longer."
From these findings we can conclude that fewer golfers are playing weekly, opting for a monthly game instead. Lifestyle pressures was the reason given by England Golf, so one can only assume that golf clubs are stuggling to find suitable formats of the game to appeal to their "time poor" members. With fewer golfers playing weekly, memberships at their current rates are just too expensive. At Lets Golf, we believe we have the solution to this with our VIP membership, offering golf lessons and simulator credits for golfers to come and play or practice their golf regardless of weather. All of these benefits for an affordable price.
In years to come, how is the game going to become sustainable and cater for the "time poor golfer"? Golf simulation is the answer because you can play 9 holes in less than hour and 18 holes on less than two. At Lets Golf, groups of upto 6 golfers can hire a private booth for one hour or more for less than a price of a greenfee. This gaurentees that you will be home in a suitable time without eating into your day. Indoor golf simulators also offer evening golf during the winter too, so the infrequent and casual golfer can substitute their weekend game for a quieter evening during the week.
So how is our membership different from your Surrey golf club? From £149.99 you can benefit from the following:

VIP Adult Membership

  • private 60 minute lessons
  • group 60 minute lessons
  • simulator credits
  • ​discounts off competition fees and other bookings at the venue

​Our membership is unique and affordable and we believe that it can either sit along side your current membership or be your only membership.
What are you waiting for? Our golf membership is limited to 200 so sign up today by visiting our website or by calling our reception team on 01293 826800

Golf Club Membership in Surrey

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