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There always comes a time where we need to organise a party or an event, usually for someone else, who we don't want to let down. At Lets Golf, we like to help as much as possible in these situations, so take a read of our event organising guides below and get in touch with us to help you through the process.

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corporate activity organisation advice

Organising a corporate event can initially seem like a daunting task so here at Lets Golf we have written this guide to ensure a corporate activity with all of the fun and none of the drama.
Firstly where do you start? 
Corporate events generally take a lot more preparation than a regular party. As even coordinator you’ll have to stick to strict deadlines and have all the details sorted out ahead of time. To get that far you need to start off with the basics; what the purpose of the event is, when it is taking place, where it is to be held, how many people will be present as well as the general goals or aims for the event. Once you have the answer to all or most of the questions you can begin the overall process of bringing your clients’,  or companies, wants and needs to life.

It’s important to know whether the purpose of the event is team building, offering recognition to an individual, group or the company as a whole, a release of new information or changes, or just a celebration. From there you can move on to the where to host it. The venue for a corporate event of this caliber is generally based on the main activities and/or entertainment you have planned for the day/evening as well as the number of attendees. You’ll want to book the venue as soon as possible and well ahead of time to avoid the stress of not being able to get exactly what your event needs. The effects of holding an event are immeasurable and will be undoubtedly beneficial for everyone involved. Employees will feel motivated after spending time with employers and colleagues in a more relaxed environment, as well as feel more valued, while your clients will appreciate such care and attention. This in turn will make for great incentive for better work ahead and encourage your clients to continue to stick with you.  

Where to stay?

If the event requires some travelling it’s best to look into accommodation as soon as you can and reserve right away. Make sure to include this when drawing up the budget for the whole event. Fortunately, our Lets Golf facility is situated comfortably in an area with plenty of hotel options as we are just minutes from the Gatwick airport. This also makes us an excellent option if you were expecting international guests or thinking of holding an international event. It will definitely be an unforgettable and enjoyable experience for everyone. 

How to be the ultimate Corporate Coordinator?

Now that location and accommodation have been confirmed, move on to all the other facets of throwing the best event the company’s seen thus far. You’ll need to create an itinerary for the day with scheduled activities and choose the days meals from our corporate menu. There are also many cost related things that you need to keep track of; prizes, awards, dropouts, add-ons and their corresponding invoices. There will be what may seem like an endless loop of emails, phone calls, meetings, so just hang in there and make sure you keep a record of absolutely everything and stay on schedule. Once all the costs, activities, guest lists, food options have been done and redone, you will have the blueprint to a perfect day. 

With the vision in mind you can begin bringing it to life. You want to make sure that you not only record all the financial information, you also need to keep a note of any and all changes for anything unique like an allergy or disability that would affect the day’s activities, as well as everyone that you may possibly need to be in direct contact with. It’s important to stay upbeat and positive no matter how stressful the situation, especially when dealing with other people. Speaking of people, assign tasks to certain people and delegate if need be. At Lets Golf we are here to help and make the planning process as smooth as possible. Make sure we/they know exactly what they need to do, for when and give them the tools they might need to accomplish their task. You should also have contingency plans with people ready to act should something go awry leading up to or during the event. If there is anything that goes against the plan, which there probably will be, make it so the guests don’t even notice. What’s most important is what the attendees walk away with at the end of the event, a smile on their faces.

Represent your company

You are a figurehead at this time for the company so keep that in mind at all times. You and your team need to remain calm and assertive while being positive and charismatic. That way even if things aren’t going exactly as planned you will be able to draw from the positivity you project to come up with solutions and react in an efficient way. There is a lot to do before, during and even after the event takes place but your attitude should stay light and in control. The goal is to make sure that your clients and the attendees are happy and enjoying themselves. Corporate events should be memorable experiences that carry through to the following work days improving work relationships and drive. 

Everything will turn out great, the event will be a success. As long as you remember our tips and stay on top of things you should have nothing to worry about. In our experience the corporate events go so well at our fantastic facility that attendees become regular clients. They usually bring employees or clients with them as often as possible to have yet another great bonding experience. And as more people hear about their experience including family members and other companies we can use visits to let everyone know about the great businesses and products that we have come across to broaden everyone’s horizons through unforgettable days at Lets Golf

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