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If you think of any course that you’ve always dreamed of playing on we’ve probably got it. From the legendary PGA golf courses themselves to exotic resort courses in Mexico we’ve got links golf, desert golf, and almost any other kind of golf you can think of. You can try a different course every time or even work to master each one as you go. Quite a few of the courses we have available on our top of the notch golf simulators have multiple tee zones to choose from so that you can play as easy or as hard a game of golf as the course allows.

On this page you can not only see how many of the internationally renowned PGA level golf courses we have available to you on our simulators, you can also get a mini preview of what they look and feel like. This way you can get the gist of what the Lets Golf experience is like. Our resident PGA pro, Steve Furlonger, has graciously done us all a favour by running through some key holes for each of these golf courses. Using his years of expertise as both pro golf player and coach, Steve has given insight on some of the toughest and trickiest holes we have here at Lets Golf. He has displayed how best to use all the features that Lets Golf has which cannot be found on real golf courses as well as how incredibly realistic the image is making for a truly unique and gratifying golfing experience. While the simulations are suitable for all ages some of the courses are champion level, so go ahead and enjoy the challenge that lays ahead while improving and don’t worry too much about the score board.

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