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Banff Springs

banff springs golf course review

the best strategies to tackle banff springs

Beautiful banff springs course

Try not to blink for fear of waking from the dream that is this stunning course. The Banff Springs is a formidable golf course nestled comfortably in a sea of pine trees in the very heart of the monumental Canadian Rocky Mountains. 

Complete with beautiful bodies of water, undulating greens and plenty more to delight the senses, playing this course is something like stepping into a painting.

first hole at banff springs

starting off in the right way

Ready to start
Welcome to Lets Golf and Banff Springs Golf Course in glorious high definition. This is going to be the first of four videos of Banff and I’m going to give you a walk-through guide of how to play these holes. The first hole, which is the tee shot that you can see behind me, is a par 4 359 yards. It does suit a slight right to left ball flight, but either straight or even a left to right fading shot would also work from the tee. So I’m going to play my first tee shot, my club of choice is a 2 iron, I’m going to hit approximately 240 yards, I’m going to play for a right to left shot, if it does go up the right hand side a little, again, that’ll leave me a straight shot into the green without having to cross any hazards. Okay, so second shot on the first hole at Banff. I hit my tee shot just over 240 yards. It was a nice ball flight, it was a draw ball flight right to left, it’s positioned me in an ideal place in this hole; it’s positioned right of center. It’s going to give me a nice straight shot without crossing any of the bunkers, to the flag , which is positioned in the middle of the green. So distance left, I’ve got 122 yards, I don’t need to and I’m not playing for any tight tucked pin positions. I’m playing straight for the middle of the green. The club of choice is a gap wedge. I’ve hit my gap wedge to just over 22 feet so this is where we do the putting now. Putting is really exciting at Lets Golf. We’ve got the grid on the green, so there’ll be no need to crouch down and have a look at those slopes. No misjudging slopes here at Lets Golf. We can see the lie of the green or the slope of the green here is slightly uphill and some very, very tiny amount of right to left. So, I’ve got 22 feet, I’m going to roll the ball into the screen, the two cameras are going to pick up the ball, and then show the ball rolling towards the hole. So I’ve putted to 2.2 feet I’ve got a gimme on. It’s a very, very forgiving game, this one. Being very friendly and I’ve got a 6 foot gimme zone. So that was putted into 2.2 feet and we move on to the second hole.

tips for hole 4 at banff springs

Perfect tips to lower your score card

Your first drive
Okay, so we’ve reached the tricky, par 3 4th hole at Banff Springs. So let’s have a look at the hole; downhill, water short of the green, bunkers guarding the green all around. Straight away, distance control is key, my tip here is make sure you’ve got enough club, go long rather than short. At least the bunker shot is a shot towards the green on the second shot, whereas if it’s in the water, you’ve got a penalty. So my club of choice for 165 yards, which is the yardage of this hole, downhill is an 8 iron. Target’s been reached, green in regulation. I’ve managed to get the ball front of the green, front half and I’ve now got just over 26 feet to the hole. As you can see here, the break is left to right across the green and I’m going slightly uphill as well. Pace control is key so I’v got to make sure that I get that speed correct to allow the break to take the ball into the left side of the hole. Okay, so it’s a friendly game, I’ve got gimme putts on, so that was 1.3 feet left to the hole so that part was given for par. I’m very happy on that par 3. It’s a difficult hole, but remember; tee shot is crucial, play that ball longer rather than shorter, a little bit more club than what you think off the tee, get that ball at the back half of the green, and then you’ve got a chance to make your par.
hole 14 at banff springs
Planning the first shot
Okay, so we’ve reached the 14th of Banff Springs in glorious HD here at Lets Golf. This is my favourite hole, just look at that view, it’s just breathtaking. We can see the beautiful hotel in the resort here at Banff, the tee shot is really tough. It’s a decent length par 4 it’s got 413 yards, needs a good distance off the tee, but as you can see from the course planner that we provide here with HD golf at Lets Golf, you can see that 200 yards is one of the widest points at the fairway. Over 200 it starts to narrow in and there’s some dangerous looking bunkers there on the left hand side. The hole creeps a tiny bit round to the right, so placement off the tee is key. You’re going to to try and play that towards the bunkers, maybe just to the right edge of the bunkers here, to give us a good shot and a good look-in to the green on the second shot. My choice of club is driver, it’s going to be a tough shot but I’m going to go for it. I’ve hit my driver just over 281 yards off the tee, I’m really happy. I’ve hit it dead straight down the middle of the fairway into the tightest of the fairway. That’s now leaving me 133 yards. As you can see because of the position of the tee shot, I’ve got a shot almost directly down to the flag. I’m just going to be going over just the tiniest edge of the bunker there so it’s a pretty safe shot to play. I’m making sure that I take plenty of club, most common error for amateur golfers is hitting a shot short of the distance and I see that in golf stats that my clients have. So make sure you’ve got plenty of club, always play to te back of the green. I’ve got 133 yards to the flag, my club of choice is a pitching wedge, I am just reducing the distance slightly. Okay, missed it left, just pulled the putt a little bit. But two putt par, I’ll be happy with that. Very, very tough par 4, good hole to par. For club golfers, if you’re taking a five on that hole, it’s definitely a good score.
tips for hole 18 at bay hill
Off the tee
We’ve reached the 18th at Banff Springs, it’s a beautiful hole and we’ve got an amazing backdrop of the Rocky Mountains in Canada. As we can see it in glorious HD, we’ve got a par 5 of 493 yards. It’s definitely reachable for the long hitter. A good drive is crucial, I don’t hit the ball massive distances off the tee so I’ve got no problems about the bunker there that’s straight down the middle of the fairway because it’s 300 yards, So a driver is going to be my club of choice to hit it 280/290 yards. If I can hit a little fade, that’s what I’m going to try. So I\m going to try to fade off that left hand side a little bit and drift it left to right, But you can play a draw, you just need to be aware of the tree on the right hand side so you don’t start too far right. My club of choice is going to be a driver. I didn’t get the desired left to right ball flight, but I did hit it straight so I was absolutely fine. I was just left of the bunker there, I’ve hit it to 276 yards off the tee, so I’d be happy with that. I’ve got a long second shot now of 294 yards, probably out of reach for me unless I really want to bust a driver off the ground, out of the rough there which I certainly wouldn’t want to do, I’m going t looking at positional play. From previous holes I know that 130 to 135 yards is a good distance for me today, I hit my wedge really nice earlier on so I’m going to look to try to play a shot of about 160/165 yards. That’s going to leave me at the ideal distance that I want as a pitch shot, as the third shot to the green on this par 5. The club of choice is going to be an 8 iron. I’ve hit that 8 iron well. I’ve given myself 127 yards, that was a pretty good distance for me, that 130 to 135, so I’m a little bit short of that. I’m going to stick with the same club I’m going to pitch and wedge and reduce the distance down a little bit. As you can see there’s no hazards again at the front of the green so distance isn’t that crucial. However, like most of the greens at Banff we’ve go bunkers guarding left and right of the green so direction control is definitely crucial here. I’m going to go with a pitch and wedge, I’m going to reduce the distance down, hopefully get it close to the green to finish off with a nice birdie. I\m happy with my third shot, a good pitch and wedge at about 9.6 feet from the hole. I just need the ball to just gently kiss the screen here. Slightly downhill, slightly left to right, so I’m going to aim for the left half, maybe left edge of the hole and let the ball just curve back into the center. I’ve just missed it a little bit to the left. So, that was the end hole, the par 5. With a good tee shot, you had a good second shot down there; it was little bit tricky the second shot we had to negotiate a couple of bunkers. But with the right club selection, leaving yourself that nice, sort of pitch shot into the green. It’s very inviting, there weren’t to many hazards or any problems at the front of the green. When you play that hole just think about your strategy, make sure that you’ve got your tee shot correct and your alignments correct off the tee, pick your second shot wisely, and then pitch the ball on to hopefully a one putt birdie. That’s Banff Springs in glorious high definition at Lets Golf in Horley.

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