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Nicklaus North

nicklaus north golf course review & tips

the best tips from our PGA golf pro

nicklaus north course

Nicklaus North is a beautiful, refreshing and magical course in Whistler, British Columbia. It was inspired by; you guessed it, the unforgettable Jack Nicklaus.

There is really no other setting quite like this one; picture a panoramic view of majestic snow-capped mountains, tall, pristine fir trees, a glistening, jewel like lake, doesn’t it jut sound like a dream? The serenity of Whistler and its fresh mountain air paired with the ingenious Nicklaus edge, make for the perfect golf getaway. .

hole 1 at nicklaus north

A Fantastic par 4
We’re at Nicklaus North and we’re on the first hole, it’s a 346 yard par 4. Looking at it, we’ve not got too much trouble off the tee and we’ve got at least a 50 yard wide fairway so we can play up the right which certainly opens up the green and we don’t want to be hitting more than 250 yards off the tee because then we’d bring the bunker into play. 

Finding the sweet spot
We look at our course planner up on the right of the screen here we’re looking at hitting the ball off the tee up to about 200 yards, leaving about a 150 yard shot in, anything up to 250 would be ideal. Because then the fairway starts to narrow and the shot gets much harder. The club of choice for me, off the tee, on this par 4 iron would be a number 2 iron and I’m looking to hit the ball about 240 yards. Second shot, I’ve hit the shot up the side of the right hand tee. It was pretty good, I’ve not struck as well as I’d like it so I’ve got 140 yards into the green.  

Go for the easier putt
The position I’ve played here, as you can see, is I’ve played up the right hand side which is a better view to come into this green. I’ve got 140 yards, I’m going to play straight without crossing any hazards. I’m going to play straight of the flag, middle of the green, and my club of choice is a pitching wedge. Just over 27 feet to go, it’s pretty flat green so I’d expect a two putt from here, not too much brake so one putt would be good, that could be a birdie. It’s a straight, forward opening hole so let’s have a putt.. And we’ve got a two putt par!

tips for hole 5 at nicklaus north

a full planned strategy to win

Starting right off the tee
We have reached the 5th here at Nicklaus North North, not the hardest of par 4s however it's got some dangers and it's a little bit tricky. Strike index 13, is definitely a scorable hole, however we have to have a clear strategy on this. It's not about just smashing it as far as possible because that's going to start to bring the water on the left hand side into play. So a good tee shot of about 200 to 240 is going to leave a nice distance into the green. We look at a plan this one down the middle to write half to open up the green a little bit more as the second shot and then avoid having to get the ball over the water and over the hazards on the left. For this shot my club of choice off the tee is 2 iron. 

Second shot
Ok so I’ve hit my tee shot slightly right off center, so I am now just opened up the green enough there so I'm not hitting a shot directly over a hazard. I have also taken the water out of play so the key to that tee shot was hitting up that right hand side. So I've now got a 133 yards to the middle of the green where the flag is positioned. I’m gonna be playing at the flag if not slightly righter. Better really if you had the shot, the choice would be to make sure that you bail out more to the right hand side, so we're looking at the safe shot being the right side of the green more than the left side and taking out the hazards totally. My second shot club, Pitching Wedge slightly reduced in distance. 

Going for the birdie
Just over 26 feet, as you can see the green is slightly right to left. I avoided the hazard I hit it right at the flag so I’m happy. I'm not taking on any danger or any risk of that second shot so I'm now going to go for you know get the ball within the dustbin it as we should and I highly recommend for the club golfer that you should be looking at this kind of park in the inside of that dustbin lid ring around the hole. So it's a two-part putt and then that would be a nice par.

A one-putt birdie, very happy. Let's take some tips from that hole then. Drive up the right side middle to right half, the further up the right hand side you position the ball off the tee the more open you make the green and more inviting ii is for the second shot without much risk and not plan over any hazards you then got a fairly after a 220 to 240 shot, you then got a relatively short shot onto the green playing again away from the hazards on the left hand side. If you do miss it to the right there's no problem with that, you can chip in park. So good how to apply but the key to it is the strategy.
best tips for hole 15 at nicklaus north
Good planning is key
We have reached hole 15 at Nicklaus North. Fantastic backdrop that we’ve got in glorious high definition we’ve got here at HD golf, at Lets Golf in Horley. Have a look at the Canadian mountains that we’ve got as part of our backdrop as we play this hole. That’s why I wanted to feature this hole as a bonus hole. I love that tee shot, we’ve got the chalets down the right hand side and we can just admire the backdrop that we’ve got. A good par 4, a strong par 4, hazards that come into play beyond 175 yards off the tee. That bunker up the left hand side comes into play at 175 yards. At 200 yards, the bunker on the right hand side comes into play. We’re looking to play the ball a little bit more to the middle to maybe the left half of the fairway which is going to give us a straighter shot into that green. I’m going to advance the ball further off the tee so that I can take the hazards out of the equation on the tee shot. 

So I’m going to be hitting driver on this 387 yard par 4 to advance the ball beyond the bunker on the right hand side and play it as far down as possible. For the club golfers; just make sure that you consider your distance and know your distances off the tee with your tee club to make sure you consider the bunker on the left and the bunker on the right hand side. If you can fly the ball beyond 200 yards down the left side that would be more safe, it’s going to give you a straighter view at that green and keep you away from that big hazard on the right edge of the green. Club of choice for me: driver off the tee, distance about 280 to 290 yards. 

A driving tip
A driving tip for you; a good friend of mine wrote a recent article in Today’s Golfer, Lee Cox, specializes in long driving. Great tip. He had an impact bag showing how to hit, how to get the correct spin loft, which is the attack angle of the club and the angle of loft that you show the golf ball through impact making sure that get the correct spin loft to a) launch the ball and then spin the ball correctly so it climbs. You’ll get that correct trajectory and get that ball up in the are high enough and keep it up there long enough. So, a good tip for you is to make sure that you hit the ball on the up, you can see here I’m just going to push down on the toes of my right foot, and I’m going to turn my belt buckle out of the way so that I can get the shaft leaning forward just a small fraction, but the ascending angle of the club going upwards into the golf ball. This way I can reach impact with the club, halfway get the ball just halfway up the club face wall. We want it just above the center to get that loft and that launch in the correct spin so you can see that again as I show you that position, a little bit of pressure on my toes of my right foot, turn my belt buckle through, feel like my head is dropping back, my left shoulder climbs up. and I can hit that ball on the upswing, catch that ball right out of that sweet spot, just above that sweet spot and hit that ball high into the air. Okay, so let’s try a drive.

Second shot
I’ve hit that one straight down the middle, I’ve given myself a nice straight shot into the green. Distance was just under 280 yards, but between 280 and 290 was my estimated tee shot with the driver so I’d be happy with that. I’ve got 112 yards into the green. I’ve got a straight look into the middle of the green without having to cross any hazards. My shot into the screen is going to be with a gap wedge, to ensure that I’ve got enough club to reach the middle or the back of the green. Again, another little tip always put an emphasis on making sure that you have more club going into the green than less and not enough. I’m going to go with a gap wedge, and I’m going to play this straight out to the middle of the green, distance is just slightly reduced and not a full gap wedge.

Playing inside the green
I’ve knocked it just inside of 15 feet, I'm happy with that. That little reduction in club legth there coming down and getting my glove hand at the middle of the handle and my right hand down the bottom half allowed me just to reduce the leverage that I can create with the club and reduce my speed and ultimately hit the ball. So, I’ve got a little just under 15 feet; 14.4 feet. I can see the brake is slightly right to left however I’m probably going to hitting ut just outside that right edge making sure that my speed is correct is it’s slightly uphill. I’m going to get a good line, I’m going to look at the front of the golf ball, about six inches on that line just right of the hole. Then get the correct speed, to roll this ball 15 feet. Knocked it inside my gimme range, I'd be happy with that 2 putt par, a little bit of practice I think for this driving range pro. However 2 putt par, I’d be happy with. With a bit more putting practice, I’ll be putting that in one.

A quick recap
That’s hole 15. So just to recap, make sure you know your distances off the tee, you know to play the ball mid or left half is going to open up the green a little but more. Then you’ve got a sensible shot into the green making sure you just get your distance control right. If you’re having to reduce the distance make sure of that little tip I showed you about gripping down the handle. And a pretty straight forward green no massive slopes on it there so we would expect maybe a two putt par if you’re outside of that 15/20 feet range. Make sure you aim for that dustbin lid, stop that ball within that dustbin lid of the hole.
tips for hole 18 at nicklaus north
Right off the tee
We’ve reached the 18th, the final hole. The clubhouse and the chalets there and we can see in the distance we’ve got that beautiful, high definition of the Canadian mountains here at Nicklaus North. We’ve got 381 yard par 4, we can see from the course planner that there’s only really one main hazard to consider from the tee shot and that’s reachable at 200 yards. So if we hit it longer than 200, the better we’re going to go over that bunker and advance the ball away from that hazard. If you don’t hit it further then make sure that you’ve got a club and you aim down the left hand side, just draw it away from the bunker, and that’s going to give you a better angle into that green. I’d say middle to slightly left half will allow you to play into that green. So, my choice of club off the tee to advance the ball over the hazard on the right is a driver, distance approximately 280-290 yards. 

Second shot
Okay, so 282 yards off the tee, I’m happy with that between my approximate of 280 to 290 distance and I’ve now got a shot of 106 yards into this green. It’s not going to be my gap wedge choked down like I did on that last hole. I’m going to be now playing a sand wedge to this. So we’ve just got to make sure we’ve got enough to carry over that water. The minimum to get it across to that front edge of green is going to be about 90 yards. So as you can see there’s not too much, I mean there’s bunkers on the right and bunkers on the left however we’ve got quite a wide green to aim for there and quite a deep green. There’s lots of green at the back as well. There’s a good 15 yards of green beyond the flag as well so we’re good by hitting it a little bit longer rather than shorter. My club of choice for this approach shot of 106 yards is a sand wedge just slightly reduced in distance. 

Looking for the birdie
I’m happy with that, played it up 17 feet. Again, a bit of practice on the short game needed which at this time of year in the winter, there’s definitely more long game in the studio than there is short game and wedge play around the greens. I’ve got 17 feet and I can see that it’s pretty flat, the putts here, it’s going to be slightly left to right putt but it’s going to be no more than that left edge. The putt is slightly uphill as well. That’s a one putt birdie, I’m happy with that, finishing the round here at Nicklaus North with a birdie. 

Let's recap the strategy
So just to recap on that hole, make sure that you have enough length off the tee to carry that bunker on the right hand side. If you’re shorter off the tee, consider the distance of anything less than 200 to take that bunker out of play. Your approach shot with the wedge, plenty of club to reach the middle of the green, longer rather than shorter. That’s Nicklaus North in high definition here at Lets Golf in Horley.

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