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HD golf simulators

a unique indoor golf club venue

With the likes of Urban Golf bringing golf simulation to the masses in popular London locations, Lets Golf has created an innovative new venue for indoor golf in Surrey, to bring the next level of technology to local golfers. Our simulators are manufactured and supplied by the world leading HD Golf, with superior visuals, accuracy and 3D modelling than leading competitors such as About Golf. You can read more about golf simulators in our review blog post.
We make big claims about our indoor golf simulators being top of the range, industry leading bits of kit used by the professionals, so what better way to prove that than to show you around these amazing products in greater detail. We have pulled together a full gallery of images to outline every area of the simulator, with full product descriptions and technical information listed below. Why not start by taking a look at our range of 22 golf courses.
indoor golf simulators like no other

high definition golfing

Priding themselves on accuracy and the worlds most realistic golf simulator visuals, HD Golf have created a product that sets them apart from all competitors, incorporating revolutionary proprietary software and computer vision technology.

the visuals

In all simulation sports and e-sports, the one area that can limit the realism is the visual aspect of the 3D software, with all graphics limited by the technology available at the time. In the fast paced world of racing simulation, all visuals are modelled in 3D and rendered in realtime in a game engine. Although this industry is currently booming with some incredible tech now being used, it also comes at a cost of performance and frame rates, or at a financial cost for the required hardware to render in realtime at such high frame rates and resolutions. Where HD Golf have managed to set themselves apart, is through revolutionary technology that uses high definition photography with geophysical and satellite data to map each course, which produces crystal clear, high resolution, photorealistic golf courses. This level of visual technology is yet to come to mainstream gaming or e-sports and may never be something that will suit those industries, but for golf and golf courses in terms of 3D modelling, it works fantastically well.


The HD Golf simulators feature the highest level of tracking systems available, utilising IST High Speed Spectrum Sensor technology, providing each with precise club and ball tracking that can be used to analytically assess even the worlds best golf players. Each shot is captured in the form of club and ball motion, position and speed and correlated perfectly into simulated ball flight, taking into considerate all atmospheric and environmental conditions.
golf precision statistics

precision & accuracy

Every shot in every game of golf is made of up  of minutiae details that define the way you play and therefore, how good you are at it. Being able to better identify those aspects of your game can essentially be the difference in an average weekend golfer and becoming a scratch golfer or better yet, a pro. When playing on an HD Golf simulator those details are clearly highlighted, allowing your game to improve through defined and tangible data and leaving nothing to chance.

No other simulator currently on the market has the same level of precision tracking of that of HD Golf's IST High Speed Spectrum
Sensor Technology. This superior tracking system measures 
critical impact and launch data like ball speed, launch angle, ball
spin axis, club head speed, swing path, strike location, club face
 angle and overall efficiency. We stand by our statement
"Our simulators are the world's best".

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At Lets Golf, we also feature a Callaway golf shop for our customers to find their perfect golf products. Please talk to staff to discuss 'try before you buy' or to book a pro fitting session with our resident PGA professional Steve Furlonger.
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