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At Lets Golf we have the pleasure of having Steve Furlonger join os on Wednesdays to extend some wisdom through golf lessons and help you become a better golfer. Steve realised his passion for golf while he was a junior at a Surrey golf club. He was junior captain and junior club champion for two years. He went on to represent four clubs in Surrey & Sussex at County Level and in 2012 he went pro, joining the PGA.

He completed his FdSc (foundation degree) in Golf Professional Studies in 2014. Since then he regularly competes in PGA South region events and coaching golf others that hope to better their golf skills. He’s taught all levels of players from those that play for fun and are just looking to improve, to aspiring county juniors and even regional golf professionals.

He’s been known to pinpoint exactly what you need to work on within one game and proceed to teach you how to improve your confidence and become a better golfer. Players that he has coached have gone onto win club championships, junior open tournaments, regional tour events and even break course records. His years of experience as a PGA professional make him an excellent golf coach and an immense to Lets Golf.

Personalized Golf Lessons

Using our state of the art HD golf simulation technology and our amazing golf coach, Steve Furlonger, you’ll have the best golf lessons in Surrey. Geophysical and satellite data combines forces with high-resolution imagery brings you realistic, high definition reproduction of some of the most famous and loved courses in the world. 

The tracking technology is so accurate that it really is like playing on the actual course. For your own comfort, you can use your own golfing equipment or even the on site golf clubs and balls that we have available for use during the sessions. You will have all the perks of having actually travelled to these locations and played on the courses without spending half the money it would take or having to deal with environmental disturbances or worn out greens. It will be just you, the stunning views, and a great golf instructor to help you hone your skills.

Pro & Beginner Golf Lessons

Our HD golf simulators are the best choice for golf lessons at any level. Be it golf lessons for beginners or seasoned players looking to improve their game, Lets Golf and Steve Furlonger have got what you need. One of the best parts of using simulators to learn and practice golfing is that you have uninterrupted green time and you can simply focus on yourself, your swing and the course up ahead. 

What’s more, our golf simulation booths are private and secluded so that you are able to focus entirely on the game. Another great factor you’ll get to take advantage of at our centre are the advanced tracking systems. All the club and ball data will be measured as precisely as possible making for true representations just like in real life. 

And in the end, you’ll get very accurate analytical feedback that shows you everything you need to know about how exactly you swung the club, how it impacted the ball and what the resulting motion of the ball was. So not only will you have our excellent golf coach helping you out, you will be able to see for yourself what to fix, as well as when you fix it.

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