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Bethpage Black Golf Course

Bethpage blacks golf course

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bethpage blacks golf links

The Bethpage Black course is kind of like the Black Diamond at a ski resort. It’s the toughest, most daunting track but once you manage to gather up your courage and do it, you can’t stop. It was designed by A.W. Tillinghast and opened to the public in 1936 in Long Island, New York. There are five championship courses at the Bethpage State Park and the Black is, without a doubt, the hardest. It was the first publicly owned and operated course to site the US Open in 2002, and hosted it again in 2009. It’s pretty much the only course in the USA that greets you with a lovely caution card at the first hole that reads: 

“WARNING – The Black Course Is An Extremely Difficult Course Which We Recommend Only For Highly Skilled Golfers” So, you’ve been warned.

bethpage black golf course

history of the course

Before The Bethpage State Park became what it is today it was the Yoakum family’s estate among various other pieces of real estate. It was then turned into the Lennox Hills Country Club until it was finally purchased in the early 1930s by the Bethpage Park Authorities. 

The country club had the Lennox Hills Course already on the property which was then modified by A.W. Tillinghast and turned into the Green Course. He also designed the Red, Blue and of course the Black course around the same time. About 20 years later the fifth and final course, the Yellow Course, was designed by Alfred Tull and opened to the public in 1958. 

golf holes at bethpage black golf course

get top tips before your round of golf

Now let’s get on to what you should expect to encounter should you choose to attempt to tame the beast shall we? From the get go, you know you’re in for quite a ride and rule of thumb is to have your ball land in fairways and in the center of the greens. The first hole is a sharp left dogleg with some nasty looking trees to the right and a frighteningly deep green side bunker front-right. So needless to say when you’re perched atop that elevated tee go left. Way left. The farther the better. The second hole is a possible birdie, it’s the only par 4 on the course that’s less than 400 yards and if you can just get the ball to the middle of the green, you’re home free. 

The signature hole is the 4th hole which many critics find to be the best of Tillinghast’s par 5 designs. You are met with a beautiful view of trees lining each side, and in the distance an elevated green protected by bunkers placed in a crisscross fashion. Good luck finding your way up that green! Speaking of green they are surprisingly flat, all of them. As menacing as all the other features of this course may be Tillinghast has graciously done us that favor. Hole number 5 is a rare double dogleg. The fairway falls left to right and has huge bunkers along the right side. As much as you may want to go left, go right. Trust the pros on that one. 

The favorite par 3 is the 8th hole with elevation changes making it tricky to choose exactly what club to use. It also features the only water hazard of the course which is a pond protecting the green; there’s a slope at the front of the green so make sure not to fall short or be prepared to bid farewell to your ball as it goes rolling into the water. There’s also a large oak to the left accompanied by a bunker and a lone tree to the right making things really interesting. Moving on to the toughest hole of the course, the 15th will have you questioning everything. It’s a long uphill dogleg left with a green that as Golfweek says “feels like it’s sliding off the hill”. Yes, you read right. To make matters worse there’s a couple of deep bunkers protecting the entire front of the green so make sure you make the fairway first and then carry the green with all you have. If you’re not terrified enough by now, know that Tiger Woods is the only person to ever make it under par. 

For those of you that have played Bethpage Black on EA Sports’ video game Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10, 11, or 12, may already have a feel for the course but there’s nothing like rising to the challenge of playing it on a lifelike simulator and making it all that much more real. 
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Remember to have fun with that and also, don’t worry about the bogies on the deadly Black course, it’s like the equivalent of par on any other course."

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