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Cabo Del Sol

cabo del sol golf course

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Cabo Del Sol is an 18-hole golf course located in the exotic Mexico on the Baja California peninsula between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. This unique location, opened in 1994, gives you a truly awe inspiring vista of mountain, desert and sea. This course in short is of green islands nestled into desert and overlooking the sparkling, crystal clear Sea of Cortés.

cabo del sol golf course

history of the course

The unequalled scenery and ingenious design of this course has many comparing it to the likes of Pebble Beach and other similarly esteemed courses. It has remained in Golf Magazine’s Top 100 in the World from 1995 to now, it was #88 on Golf Course Architecture’s Top 100 Golf Courses in 2013 and #72 in Golf World UK’s Top 100 Golf Courses of the World in 2013.

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Cabo Del Sol was designed by Jack Nicklaus and from start to finish is an absolute, figure 8 masterpiece. The first few holes are the farthest from the sea after which you get smoothly transported closer as you progress from green to green. The first tee needs to be carried over desert and bunkers which is something you will see throughout the remainder of your journey here. For example, in the fourth you need to send your ball not only well over desert but also over a ravine and onto a higher green. 

 At the fifth hole you have the fantastic blue sea behind you as you descend onto a curving bunker-less spot of green. The sixth hole is a spectacular one; it is positioned beautifully on the sea, and if you’re lucky enough to visit during the winter, you’ll be able to witness a group of whales comfortably frolicking right behind you. They come migrating to the warmer Mexican waters that time of year and given the fact that the water is so shockingly deep right next to the green, they come stunningly close. Almost close enough to touch. 

The fifth, sixth and seventh holes are the only ones that hug the coastline of the first nine. You are inland once again for the tenth and won’t be seaside again until the sixteenth. Soon you’ll find your way to the brutal 10th which drops dramatically from the tee, across a valley and into a dangerous green simply strewn with bunkers and cacti. Now let’s go ahead and move on to what may be the three most important holes, the ones that Jack Nicklaus himself claims to be “the three finest finishing holes in all of golf”. The 16th is a downhill play followed by the course’s featured 17th hole which yet again forces you to carry the ball over desert onto a small green between sand and sea. 

The 18th hole, besides providing soul stirring scenery to finish off your journey, may also be one of the most daring of all the holes Nicklaus has designed. It follows right along the edge of the shoreline; the challenge is to deliver a left side drive keeping your ball safely away from the roaring waters and towards your target. Whether this last hole ends in reward or punishment you’ll still have the serenity of the sound of the crashing waves and the scent of the salty air to provide refreshment after the day’s work.  
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