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Cabot Links Golf Course

cabot links

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cabot links golf course

Cabot Links is an 18-hole public golf course attached to the lovely Cabot Links Resort located in Nova Scotia, Canada. An 11-hole version of the course was also opened later on in 2011. While many of us simply do not have the time or money to enjoy a weekend getaway in the quaint little town of Inverness on the Nova Scotia island of Cape Breton, our world class simulation is as close as it gets.

cabot golf course

history of the course

It is said that golf itself was first founded in 15th century Scotland. It was first played on magnificent part sand, part soil terrain known as links. This terrain was deemed unsuitable for farming or agriculture which made way for a slightly more entertaining pastime. Links are located between sea and land, generally laden with rolling hills, rough tufts of shrubbery and frequently visited by strong gusts of coastal winds.

 Although the sport may have been founded on links, they are arguably some of the hardest courses to master and demand a certain finesse and calmness of character. Given the unforgiving land and weather conditions, it may be best to read a little further to learn about a few key techniques to stay ahead of the game.

golf holes at cabot links golf course

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Remember that this is a course that provides a constant serving of unexpected winds and unruly landscape; to counteract this it is best to keep the ball as close to the ground as possible. That means keep the lift and spin to a minimum. Too much of either will cause the ball to bounce erratically and probably further away from the hole than you’d like. Try to keep your tee in the freeway, giving you a smooth start. 

Really touch up on your ability to ‘knockdown’ or ‘knuckle down’ on the driver. In this method you want to drive the ball straight and smooth not hard resulting in the ball dropping less than one third of the way and then releasing or ‘dropping and rolling’ on the freeway.

Speaking of dropping and rolling (also known as bump and run), this is something you want to keep up your sleeve provided that the specific spot of terrain allows it. Your best bet on a links course is almost always to have the ball role to the hole rather than trying to send it airborne. When it comes to the coastal winds really cramping your style, think facing a constant head on gust that doesn’t seem to want to give up any time soon. 

You’re going to really have to deliver with your ‘punch’. All puns aside this method is somewhat like a chip or putt but with more power to battle the force of the wind. Lastly, you really want to look out for the devilish bunkers and come to terms with the fact that the priority is getting your ball out even if it’s in the opposite direction from where you’d like for it to go.
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golf tips for cabot links

"Links golf is a true challenge and if you manage to keep your cool despite not being able to have as much control over the situation as you’d like, mastering a course like Cabot links will have you gloating forever more." 

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