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casa de campo golf course

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If you’re feeling downright adventurous and tipping more towards a tropical golf experience, look no further than the #1 course in the Caribbean, and the 43rd of the Top 100 Golf Courses Worldwide as ranked by Golf Magazine, Teeth of the Dog. As the name would suggest this is quite a nasty course in terms of difficulty but just as alluring as the urge to pet a beautiful dog. This brilliant design is by World Golf Hall of Fame member Pete Dye and his lovely wife, Alice Dye. This vision of a golf course was opened in 1971 as part of the extravagant Casa De Campo resort located on the southeast coast of the Dominican Republic, in the country’s third-largest city, La Romana.

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The design sticks to signature Dye style as he uses the risk/reward feature wherein, the more risk you take on your tee shot, the easier the second will be. When it was first constructed in the early 1970s, it was more difficult to play but thankfully, with modern technology, it has become less tricky and more enjoyable. The process of building this Caribbean course was like no other. Pete and Alice Dye took about 300 local labor workers through the jungle and up onto the coastline of La Romana with nothing but simple tools like machetes. It took them two long years of grueling to become the luxury course it is today. 

Pete says in his book that "The opportunity to carve out Teeth of the Dog was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Without proper heavy machinery to crack the coral, the tireless Dominican crew used sledgehammers, pickaxes and chisels." That is the kind of hard work and dedication that went into this magnificent seaside tropical course. Many would say that the seven seaside holes are the best of all 18 holes and to that Dye has the humble approach that they were "definitely designed by the ´man upstairs’. I created eleven holes and God created seven!” Among the seven are also three of the best par 3s you can play in the world.

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The first of the thrilling seaside par 3s is the 5th hole. The wind is something to be wary of on this one, with the ocean to your left and wind blowing right to left, you have to be very careful. The green is rather small made more difficult to stick by the wind. There is a bailout to the right, but as discussed earlier if you chip strongly against the wind your second shot will be much easier. 

The 7th hole is the second of the favorite par 3's. It’s a long one with plenty of bunkers lying in wait for the less than perfect shot to come its way. Fortunately the green is fairly large but there are a few tiers making putting slightly difficult. 

The last ocean par 3 is arguably the most punishing. The tee shot is the hardest part, but that’s why Dye has left us with 6 sets of tees to choose from. If you were to the front left pin it is the most forgiving, playing onto a bailout. If you’re feeling fairly lucky and the wind is on your side you might venture out to challenge a pin to the right of the green that plays over a coral rock wall. Once you manage to get to the green it gets less tricky as it allows for nice easy putting. As with most Dye designs, the Teeth course demands a healthy level of accuracy paired with control as well as a balance of long and short game. But even with all that, they say that one way or another the Dog will get you. 
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Have fun with it, play it more than once, see if you can’t tame this beast. While you’re at it, soak in the beautiful Caribbean Sea splashing and cheering you on."

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