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Pinehurst No2 Golf Course

pinehurst no.2 golf course

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pinehurst no.2 golf links

The world renowned No.2 course is one of a staggering nine golf courses found at the lovely Pinehurst Resort of North Carolina. In 2014 both US Open and the US Open Women’s Championships were held here, back to back, that’s 14 tournament days in a row. Not only that, this course boasts the impressive title of having hosted more single golf championships than any other golf course in the country, and you’ll soon see why.

pinehurst no.2 golf club

history of the course

This stunning masterpiece is the design of the legendary Donald Ross and was opened to the public in 1907. As perfect as it was the first time, for half a century he continued to tweak the course until his passing in 1948. He himself called this course “the fairest test of championship golf I have ever designed” and that it most definitely is. The key characteristic of this course, admired the world over, is its undulating or domed greens. 

Though the greens and fairway are plenty generous in size they are also that much more tricky. More than a decade after it was first opened Bill Coore & Ben Crenshaw’s design firm took on the task of restoring the course to Ross’s original vision. They began in February of 2010 and reopened the course in 2011 renewing it to its former glory. They removed about 35 acres of turf so that Pinehurst’s natural sand and sand hills could be unearthed and displayed. That kind of land is almost impossible to find on an inland course in America and is just one more reason to make the Pinehurst No.2 part of your bucket list.

golf holes at pinehurst no.2 golf course

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Let’s talk about some of the holes so you can see what to expect from this Ross design. The 2nd has resulted in numerous bogies, so beware of that. It’s a quite a long stretch from the tee with trees lining each side but, thankfully, not in play. The preferred approach shot to the green would be to the left but as luck would have it, it is protected by 2 bunkers that you’ll have to go over. If you’re not too confident you’ll make it you can go right but there are patches of natural sandy land that’s a bit hard to spot. The latter option will prove to be difficult as you continue the play, you’ll have to carry lots of natural area and then make 45 degree approach to the fairway. Choose wisely. 

Hole number 4 is the first and arguably the best par 5 of the course starting you off on an elevated tee on to a hole that curves ever so slightly to the left. Take caution with the various bunkers scattered along the freeway and the two on either side of the green, not to mention the steep right to left slope of the putting area. The next hole, the 5th, has received much attention as North Carolina’s finest par 4 and generally one of the best holes in the state. It begins with a blind uphill tee shot. The high slope of the fairway makes it difficult to see the heavily domed green that can have your ball bouncing and rolling all over the place. You also need to look out for the menacing bunker to the left of the fairway and the sandy wiregrass to the left of the green. There is no room for error on this one. 

There is little to no room to breathe on this course so the 13th hole should give you a chance to lower those scores a little bit with a birdie. This one is a subtle dogleg right, has a well bunkered and elevated green but as long as you manage to carry the bunkers and land on the green you’re well on your way to that birdie. If not, you could just easily go over par just take your time and choose your shots wisely. 

The featured hole on this course is the 18th and final hole. It is another slight dogleg, to the right this time, around sand and wiregrass with a large bunk crossing along the front of the tee zone and along the right side. The key to this one is to make sure to land the fairway from the right and then right into the green, missing either will cost you dreadfully. This design is like no other demonstrated by the fact that after more than a century, it is still one of the most celebrated golf courses in the country. Revered designer Jack Nicklaus has even said that “I’ve always thought Pinehurst No.2 to be my favorite golf course from design standpoint. I’ve enjoyed going out on No.2 and seeing a totally tree-lined golf course without a tree coming into play.” 
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Pinhurst No. 2 is just as fair as it is easy. The holes don’t require too much creativity but they definitely demand a certain level of precision and accuracy."

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