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Rich Harvest Links Golf Course

rich harvest links golf course

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rich harvest golf links

Rich Harvest Links is a private golf course located near Sugar Grove, Illinois. Its 18-holes are some of the most challenging you’ll ever play, and some of the most carefully thought out ones at that. Prepare yourself for one of the most memorable golf experiences of your life, but first, let’s look into how this modern masterpiece came to life shall we?

rich harvest links golf course

history of the course

Jerome “Jerry” Rich is the owner and architect of this fabulous course. It is his brainchild of sorts and a long time coming. Jerry became a caddy at the tender age of 10 at the Butterfield Country Club, where his dreams of designing his own golf course first began. He would use the back of scorecards as his canvas, sketching out various versions of his dream golf course. 

 Mr. Rich struck gold when he developed a program for Wall Street Trade while working in his father’s company and proceeded to purchase some 1800 acre farmland in 1985 to commence the making of his dream into a reality. In 1986 he had no more than 3 holes made just for his wife and himself to enjoy. Slowly, he convinced his wife they needed more to make it fun and in succeeding he had first five, then nine holes made. He requested that Golf Digest rank his 9-hole course, which they declined, prompting him to set to work on a full, 18-hole, champion golf course that was complete almost a full 12 years later.

golf holes at rich harvest links golf course

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This course is truly unlike any other and is so flexible that each time you play it it’s almost as if you’re playing an entirely different course. Jerry’s son, who is also the club’s general manager, states that even when there were only six holes with the number of different tee boxes you could play 18 different holes, a feature that still remains today. 

Many describe walking into the course and club to be something like walking into another man’s dream. The flexibility and infinite number of options do not, however, make for an easy course. On the contrary Jerry intentionally made it so every tee, every putt, every shot, requires some pretty serious thought. Even still, with the strategically integrated wetlands, prairie grass, trees, bunkers, and even some undulation, every shot has the possibility of being a hit or miss. Rich Harvest Farms is home to some of the most terrifying holes known to golf; holes such as Devil’s Elbow and Snead’s Crotch. The 18 holes are split into two groups of 9; one group of 9 holes are called Silver whilst the rest are Gold. 

Each hole has its own name. Devil’s Elbow for example is the Silver 4th hole. It is a dogleg left and the tee shot demands the utmost of accuracy as it is lined by trees on either side, then you have to shoot it onto an elevated green framed by bunker. Snead’s crotch is the Gold 3rd hole. The name has a funny anecdote which is documented nicely on a bronze plaque nailed to the tree involved. Rich befriended Sam Snead who was an 82 time PGA Tour winner and invited him to play his course. On this specific hole, Snead turned to Rich asking him for direction, to which Rich replied “Right at the base of that tree.” With spectacular accuracy Snead hit the ball to the ‘crotch’ of the tree and went on to hit what can only be called an absolute miraculous par. 

 The Gold 9th is the signature hole of the course called the Covered Bridge. The tee off is to a fairly uncomplicated downhill landing area after which you have to shoot up to an elevated fairway with patches of trees, over Welch creek to a green guarded by three bunkers. These three holes are merely an example of the excellent, enjoyable and challenging experience that is this course. To say that Rich Harvest Farms is a private course is quite an understatement there are only circa 55 members so unless you know a friend, or a friend of a friend, your chances of getting to play this entirely unique piece of art is next to none.  
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