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St Andrews Castle Golf Course

St Andrews castle links

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St andrews castle golf course

The St Andrews Castle course is fairly new having been established in 2008 and was considered one of the most highly anticipated courses in a very long time. It is a sheer work of art considering what the land originally was and what it turned into in the hands of Scottish designer, David McLay Kidd.

st andrews castle

history of the course

The St Andrews Links Trust decided to buy the featureless yet richly historic land previously used as hunting grounds, due to the success of the other 7 golf courses on the St Andrews Links. When Kidd was done with it, he left it almost unrecognizable with dozens of man-made dunes, slopes and hills as far as the eye can see and spectacular ocean vistas at almost all of the 18 holes. The stunning design of the golf course competes with the picturesque view of the St Andrews skyline and the North Sea making for an unforgettable experience. 

While the 7 other golf courses are traditional links courses that are mostly natural when it comes to the land, the Castle course is anything but. This course is 220 acres of pure cliff top splendor with a mind blowing view of the St Andrews Bay. It may have some characteristics of links what with the sea being right there and the rippling fairways, but it is not, by definition, a links course. It is simply a stunning seaside course that is all but irresistible. 

 As irresistible as the scenery is, many have had quite a few qualms with this particular course. Since the opening of the Castle course, greens have had to be remodeled a couple of times because the high slopes and their positioning between the tee and the hole were so difficult they were deemed not only unfair but impossible to play. Since the recent changes, reviews have improved considerably but this golf course still remains a brutal one. It is definitely for the more avid and imaginative golfer, this one.  

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The 18 holes are neatly divided into two loops of 9, and the last 3 of each loop is placed skillfully along the coast. The holes are set quite wide apart and out of sight from one another lending an air of mystery to first timers and continued anticipation to those that dare to tackle the course more than once.

When teeing for the 3rd hole, players are facing a mound and backed by a tail wind making it what some would say impossible to hold the green. The 4th and 5th follow in a similarly challenging fashion, forcing creative shots out of the most disciplined of players. As you go along you are continually faced with false fronts, prevailing winds and narrow greens. 

The 17th hole is the featured hole and a rather long one. It goes right over a gully and many may be tempted to just launch the ball in the air and hope that it’ll find the green across the cliffs, but the best way to do it may be just to putt it along the fairway, as there is a large slope to the left of the green that goes right down to the pin. 
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The Castle course is one for the skilled golfer’s soul, not the scoreboard. Go ahead and take the challenge, immerse yourself in the beauty and unique experience that is the tremendous St Andrews Castle course."  

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