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St Andrews Castle Old Course

st andrews old course

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st andrews old golf course

If you learn anything about golf history, it has to include this course right here. The St Andrews Old Course is one of the oldest golf courses in the world. Not only that, many believe it to be the home of golf as the St Andrews links is where golf was first played in the 15th century.

st andrews

history of the course

It wasn’t smooth sailing for the game of golf and its enthusiasts. After reaching a considerable amount of popularity, golf was banned in 1457 by James II of Scotland for posing as too much of a distraction from archery. The links and its inhabitants have had their share of ups and downs since then in the struggle to keep golf alive. 

After almost half a century King James IV was a golfer himself and removed the ban. Even after that, the owners went through bankruptcy and had to allow rabbit farming on the northern parts of the St Andrews Links. The rabbit farmers battled the golfers in the courts for nearly twenty years. Finally a local landowner bought the land and reserved it entirely for the purpose of playing golf. 

From then on it flourished and bloomed under the hand of many an architect and slowly but surely blossomed into the treasure it is today. Can you imagine that golf was initially played with 22 holes? It wasn’t until after the 1850s that the game was limited to the 18-hole format we use today. And that revolutionary change started in St Andrews. In 1927 one of the most iconic golfers in history won the Open Championship; Bobby Jones was a lawyer who was also an amateur golfer. He wasn’t just any amateur golfer; he was the most successful and played on both national and international levels against pro golfers like Walter Hagen and Gene Sarazen. He actually managed to beat both of them despite only playing part time. 

He once said “I could take out of my life everything but keep my experiences here at St Andrews and I would still have had a rich and full life” He was one of many more to absolutely fall in love with the Old Course and you have a chance to experience it for yourself and find out why.  

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The Old Course is unique for its double greens, the Swilcan Bridge and the Hell Bunker. Only the 1st, 9th, 17th and 18th are on individual greens, the other 14 are paired two to a green. The Swilcan Bridge, for those who don’t know, is a rather small bridge connecting the 1st and 18th fairway. It was built almost 700 years ago and still stands now as a cultural historic icon for golf. 

The Hell Bunker has been the downfall of so many championship hopefuls; it is 10 feet deep and located on the 14th hole. Just 4 holes away from the end leaving quite a few poor souls so close, yet so far.
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Go ahead and embark on this journey like thousands of others before you, see what a course of centuries looks and feels like. Fall in love with the magical, historical icon that is the St Andrews Old Course."  

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